Expiration of your domain name can be the most disheartening issues. You might wake up one day and discover that your domain name has expired with no notice. The effort plunged in to development and the establishment of the Free Domains name may be lost. Recovery of an expired domain name is difficult and mostly impossible. Ownership is lost once a domain name has expired. There are many reasons as to why the domain names expire. Here are the leading causes or reasons why there are so many domain names that are expired today.


When was the last time you set a reminder and every time it pops up you switch it off? Mails, messages that continuously pop up are irritating and that’s why you switch them off. However, you forget that there are delicate and important mails or messages such as renewal of your domain name in the reminders. You become disappointed once the domain name expires but who is to blame except you! The expiration is a reality because you ignored the reminders and therefore it cannot be termed as unexpected. Ensure you correctly select the reminder for the renewal of the domain name or risk expiration.

Auto Renew

Once a domain name has been purchased, it is up to you to activate the auto renew feature. If not, it is quite easy to forget to set it and failure to auto renew, leads to expiration of the domain name. By logging into your account and activating the auto renew feature, the domain name with automatically renew once it nears its expiration date. Billings of the domain name must be up to date in the information provided for the auto renew process to go on and run smoothly with no hiccups here and there.

Spam Box

Sometimes reminders messages send go to your spam mails. You tend to ignore spam messages because they are said to be from untrustworthy sites. This is true, however some sites may be untrustworthy due to the systems or software you are using leading to misplaced mails. Go through all mails even those in the junk and spam folders in your email address.

Billing Information

Changing your billing information including credit card expiration is crucial. Failure to update this information to your account in the domain name is a leading cause to the expired domains. This is the main reasons why auto renew messages and mails are sent to you before the domain name expires.

Organization or Business Entity Mail

Using the business entity mail to purchase and create a domain name account is serious business. Keeping up to date with the functions of the business emails might be difficult. Renw messages may be ignored or even not seen due to the numerous messages accessed through the same email each and every day. Is access to the email is denied by the entity, the outcomes would not be favorable.

If the entity purchases a domain name using an employee’s email address, the same challenges may be faced if the employee no longer works in the entity or access is denied.

Domain Providers

Sometimes you may have more than one domain managed by different domain providers. It may be a challenge to track and keep all the domains up to date without fail. This may be impossible to fulfill with each passing day. Forgetting to renew a single of the domains can cause disastrous effects and that is why it is easier to manage consolidated domains.


Domains are useful to their owners regardless of their business types or entities. Emphasis should be placed on ensuring that they do not expire by activating and actually auto renewing the domains once each period is over. Expired domain are hard to recover and can cause massive losses. Ensure you are well informed at all times to avoid situations in which your domain name expires unexpectedly.




Even though a domain name may not be tangible, it can hold a lot of importance to a firm. For this reason, you need to constantly be on the lookout for it not to expire. There is always that fear every domain owner has when it comes to losing their domains. The busy schedule these owners indulge in may be a contributing factor to the loss of their domains. Sometimes these domains end up expiring without the knowledge of the owner. Other times you find yourself at the risk of buying an already expired domain. With the tips and tricks listed below, you will be in a better position to avoid such.

Renew Domain Early

Set a reminder that will keep you on the lookout. This should be a regular paranoid activity you have to indulge in. Failure to which, you run a high risk of losing it and going through the entire process of renewal, which can be a bit stressful especially if you had not planned for it.

Validity of the Email Address

The validity of the email address that is associated with the account is an important factor to look into, otherwise, it may be invalid. The system sends a notice in intervals, warning you about the expiry of your domain. If you have an inactive email, the reminders will not be of any assistance thus you will not know if the date of expiry is just around the corner. This means you should set an alert so that you can get notifications whenever you receive emails.

Auto Renewal Setup

Considering an auto renewal setup is another option. Enabling this feature is of great benefit as it is easy and doesn’t keep you on toes. You can go about your normal routine without having to worry about regularly signing into your account for the purpose of submitting a renewal. The system will cover for that. However, you need to have enough balance in the card linked to your account.

Register for Multiple Years

The maximum duration allowed to register a domain is ten years. Take advantage of this time longevity if at all your domain is of much significance to you and your business. This is crucial if you are in the registration period. The time period gives you the chance of not having to worry about experiencing the loss of an expired domain.

History of Site

For those who want to make a purchase of a domain name, you need to be extra careful. First check the history of the site, know the day when the domain was officially registered and who has it hosted. From this point, it becomes easy to know if it is sharing with other domains or has its own IP address. You can as well use the available domain tools as your resource.

Contact Domain Owner

If you are looking forward to buying a domain and aren’t sure whether it is expired or not, contact the domain owner first before going through with the transaction. The legitimate ones tend to have contact information and are willing to discuss more about the domain. The unscrupulous business dealers are not always willing to disclose much information, but some use the opportunity of talking to you via phone call in order to convince you more.


With the guide provided, retaining your domain and ensuring it does not expire will not be a difficult task anymore. Even with a busy schedule, you will still be in a position to maintain your domain. Therefore, this information will benefit you when it comes to detecting and avoiding an expired domain.