Dropped Domains (all you need to know)


Dropped Domains have been part of several debates for years.  Around this theme, many questions have emerged such as: it is recommendable to buy this kind of domain? Does it work? Etc. For that reason, we will give you relevant information about these domains that will be very useful for future owners. So, if you want to buy a dropped Domain, first you have to read this post before investing in the purchase of this sort of domains.

What are Dropped Domains?

The answer is very simple, an abandoned domain is one which has been expired, but we will explain this in detail.

 If someone registers a domain, it is introduced into the domain name registration. The count down towards expiration starts from the first day. So, if the domain is not renewed, it will have a new grace period for self-renewal at least 2 weeks. After that, the registrar will try to actively sell the domain name.

 A domain name passes through several phases as early release, liquidation and abandonment until it is no longer owned of anyone. Therefore, the first person that attempt to register an abandoned domain is the one that wins it.

How do I buy a Dropped Domain?

Before buying any domain, it is important to check the WHOIS database to find out their status. If you are really dropped, you can simply register at normal price. In this stage of early release or liquidation, things can be a bit more complicated because the domain name is not abandoned. The early stages of abandonment of a domain are the most difficult to negotiate and require to be treated with tact.

 Different degrees of abandonment of property

A pre-released domain is auctioned on the open market that is available because the original owner has not renewed and is in the grace period.

Domain liquidation is the domain that has not been picked up at auction and is generally available at a great discount. After the liquidation period, there is more grace period in which you can potentially buy a domain name if the original owner does not claim. Overall it is a confusing process.

Interesting Tips and Tricks

Obviously, to buy a domain with previous owner takes more than just scan the registry whois. Knowing what exact step of the process of abandonment is the domain you want, it is complicated.

For example, a pre-released domain always is the most expensive due to the open nature of the auction buying cycle. Ideally, you should look for a name in the stages of liquidation, redemption or abandonment. If you’re not lucky enough to be present in any of these phases, then things get complicated.

The good news is that you can optimize the process of investigation at the right time to buy a domain name. For example, DomainHole will tell you all you need to know about the states of domain names. You can even create your own solution using something like IFTTT. Note that ICANN allows registrars put into circulation custom domains or TLDs first level.

Take full advantage of Dropped domains

Although the effort required to acquire an abandoned domain can be a major hassle, there are advantages with respect to search web properties abandoned by their owners. For example, you can earn a lot of money to buy during the liquidation phase. Just because someone else does not want a domain name does not mean it is not valuable. Investigate before bidding for domain names or try to track it and you can get great benefits.

Getting this kind of domains can be a complicated process, but if you find a good opportunity, try to purchase it. 


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