Finding Expired Domains (curious information)


Recently, Expired domains are being used more and more, because you can do many things with these domains, such as a private network, any sort of blogs or also make redirects to a money site. One of the main advantages of this kind of domains are that they already have authority and inbound links. This in the Post-Penguin era is essential. So pay close attention to the following information.

Types of Expired Domains

Mainly there are 4 types of Expired Domains, some cheaper than others. The truth is that the domain industry is quite large and there is really very good domains at auctions.

  • Pre-release: when a domain is under “Pre-release” phase is because the owner does not renew before the date of expiration. These domains come into auction and the highest bidder takes it, in case the owner does not renew.
  • Closeout: a domain name in liquidation is a domain that is unsold in an auction of pre-release. These domains are usually offered by the same register with a “Buy it now” or Low price.
  • Pending Delete: A domain enters this period after going through the renewal period of grace. After spending the period is scheduled for deregistration.
  • Deleted Domains: It is called deleted domain when it is removed from the registry. These domains are the cheapest of all and you can look for in case you have a low budget. To register one of those, you only have to pay the normal cost of a domain.

What can you do with an expired domain?

If you have this sort of domains, you can do many things such as:  do websites, create a network of blogs or even sell them.

Expired Domain for sell: If you want you can sell your domains expired on sites like GoDaddy, Flippa or Sedo. The truth is that it is a good deal. You can also sell them in forums like Foro20 or forobeta.

Redirect 301: It is usually done for two reasons: one is because the name of the website was changed and it is necessary to do a redirect and the other one is for SEO.

Create a private network of Blogs: This is for us the best technique for positioning webs. To do this you have to create a network of blogs with lapsed domains that have good authority and backlinks.

Those can be good options; you just have to choose the best one for your needs



History of a Domain

Check the history of a domain is very important because you can avoid buying domains that have had adult content or pharmacy information. Also, you must check whether the domain had is indexed or not and in the negative case you will be able to use it.

Why do you have to Avoid Domains in Auctions?

Well, this is quite easy to understand. Simply because auctions are going to be very difficult to find domains with certain metrics features and that are cheap. Thus, after buying a domain auction, you will have to add an additional cost to register. So, using the metric method will allow you to find good expired domains to create your private network of blogs.

Using the FreshDrop Search Engine

FreshDrop is a search engine that looks for domains in aftersales and auction sales. This tool is free to use and has a large database of lapsed domains. In addition, it also has many filters which are going to help you with finding of good domains.

To find expired domains in FreshDrop you have to go to the site and apply certain filters to the search.

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