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 To create one or more webpages you need to have a name (domain), but if you have no enough money to buy one you can get Free Domains. So, many people ask many questions about to get a free domain when they are creating their first website. For that reason, we’re going to show how you can obtain a domain for free to you carry out your first project on the web.

But first, it is important that you know in what a domain consist. Well, a domain is nothing more than a name associated with a host and translates an IP address to make it easier to remember. IP addresses are usually in the form but given the millions of possible combinations would be difficult for users to remember when they’re going to find a website.

Do you want to get Free Domains?

There are two ways to get a domain. The first one is paying; in this you can choose the gTLD or ccTLD extension and the second for free. But in this case, it will define Domains for free.

Before of starting, it is important to note that nothing is totally free. However, in this case it seems that there is a “small exception” with respect to obtain a free ccTLD or free code top-level domain.

We refer to Dot TK, a company of domain name registration in Tokelau (country in the South Pacific). It has launched the free .tk domain registration from several years in order to promote its country with the help of foreign companies. Let’s see how it works.

The first thing to do is enter in the web Then, you will see a box in which you will have to type the domain name you want to register. If the domain is available, it will send you to another page where there is a form to complete the registration. So, in this questionnaire you will have to indicate the following: Use your new domain and Registration length.

Once completed the form, you will be required to register using any existing account of your social networks or by email. You also have the possibility of registration without doing that, but the page will specify that you have no right to renewal or updates. We recommend you register the domain with a free email account.

After giving the email with which you registered, you will be required to indicate your name and password that you will use to access the control panel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of getting Free Domains

  • Advantages of hiring a Free Domain Dot TK:
  • The main advantage is that it is a ccTLD domain and is free.
  • You can attach it to a free or paid hosting and create your website.
  • You can renew up to one year although its website does not indicate whether after the year you can continue to renew longer or not.
  • They are domains that take page rank quickly, although I do not know how to behave with respect to positioning.

Disadvantages of hiring a Free Domain Dot TK:

  • Being a free domain is possible you can only enjoy this service for 1 year.
  • The domain will not be in your name unless you pay.
  • It offers you the minimum payment option for 2 years instead of one year as offer other domain extensions.
  • The domain can’t be sold nor transferred to other registrar company, for not being in your name.

From now you have no excuse to start creating a website. With this service, even with some limitations, you can have a free domain to start your project. Certainly it is not the typical .com domain but anyway it offers a good service.

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